The Inn at Laurel Point gets social media

11 Jul

Here’s an example of how this hotel on the Inner Harbour in Victoria executed beautifully on their social media strategy.

A group of Twitter users in town, myself included, opted for a mini tweet-up on a patio to meet face-to-face. Chris Jones of the Inn at Laurel Point, picked up the conversation and cheerfully tweeted their patio, Aura, as the perfect place. As a group we agreed.

When we met up there, Avril Matthews, the Director of Sales and Marketing at the hotel, had instructed the wait-staff to keep an eye out for a group of tweeters (don’t ask me how the heck she described us…people all tapping away to each other on their smart phones rather than talking?).

She then comped our first round of drinks.

Successfully using Social Media doesn’t mean selling your stuff to people. It means monitoring conversations, creating engagement, offering without asking anything in return.

Nice work Chris and Avril. And thanks again for the Dom Perignon!


2 Responses to “The Inn at Laurel Point gets social media”

  1. Russel July 11, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    As one of the mentioned Twitter users, I was pleasantly surprised at @AuraVictoria’s monitoring of the online conversation.
    The meet up began with me asking what would be a great summer drink. After multiple responses, conversation turned to Victoria Gin, which I had never tried. Aura organically became part of the conversation, recommending that if I wanted to try some, I could at their restaurant…on them. Sold!
    Combine this with a small group of us jumping at the chance for patio weather drinking and you have a great opportunity to expand your brand (we’re going to tweet about it obviously).

    @AURAVictoria solved our problem, they didn’t sell their product. Well done.

    They might just end up on my customer service blog:

  2. dougbrowncreative July 11, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

    Turns out Russel doesn’t even like gin.

    Readers of the Copeland blog will surely enjoy The Upsell, with it’s blunt praise and damnation of customer service wherever the writer finds it. No company is safe on The Upsell.

    Thanks for the comment Russel.

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