What about the punter?

25 Aug

If one nasty comment on Trip Advisor, spread virally, can sabotage millions of dollars in advertising spend by a business, who is really in charge here? The consumer or the marketer?

Correct. The punter. And they can be a tough crowd.

I once worked with a British art director (from Brixton) with a fondness for Bovver boots (“Don’t bovver me mate), who had a mantra plastered aggressively across the wall above his desk.


And he would just as aggressively begin every idea session by asking: “Wha abou a pun-ah?” (As I said, he was from Brixton– and who can understand what the hell they are saying.)

His point was that every consideration should be given to what the consumer thinks, feels and does. If your findings lack authenticity with your customer, you’re dead in the water. That was invigorating in 1990. Today such thinking is mandatory.

Consumer research is the new science of advertising. Agencies can really deliver on two value fronts: insights into customers; big ideas that exploit those insights.

Our value is going to increasingly come not from proving to clients that we understand their businesses, but from demonstrating that we get their punters.


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