Show your smarts using social media

14 Sep

Part of a recent ad agency job posting for an account management position said:

If you’ve got a blog, active Twitter account or interesting Foursquare history, we’d love to hear about it.

Clearly, walking into a job interview saying you’re a “team player with a track record of success” is not enough in today’s communications world. You’ve got to show your digital smarts, and social media is a great place to do that.

Looking closer at this job posting, I wondered exactly what people would be saying about themselves based on what network they were active in.

Foursquare: it’s one of the newest social networks, so points for staying up-to-date. But, while there are interesting approaches that companies are taking in using Foursquare, I’m not sure what you could personally do on Foursquare that would appeal to a potential employer. “I’m the mayor of the Starbucks down the street!” Uh, no.

Twitter: it can reflect your professional network you’ve built (though LinkedIn is probably best-suited to do that). I think professionally, Twitter serves as a record of articles and other content you’ve read that has appealed to you. So, it positions you as someone who thirsts for knowledge and shares great content with others – maybe even becoming others’ go-to source for the best ad content on the web. But does your tweet:
Interesting Article RT @marketingIQ Google Analytics Pro Tips
show your critical thinking skills, your professional insights, your experience? No it doesn’t.

Blog: to me, here’s how you can best showcase your smarts. Take a recent trend, campaign, or news item, and praise it, slam it, or just talk about it critically. Take a position. Have an opinion. If Twitter is about pulling from the knowledge well, then a good blog must be about adding to it. A blog positions you as a leader, which I think is among the most desirable qualities to look for in an account management candidate (note Joseph Jaffe). Though, don’t forget to work to drive readership of your blog, through other SM networks, commenting on other blogs or whatever creative way you can think of. Isn’t that what ad professionals are supposed to be good at doing?


One Response to “Show your smarts using social media”

  1. Anonymous September 14, 2010 at 9:31 am #

    The problem I have with Joseph Jaffe is his air of self-importance; it devalues his musings.

    His recent wail about his poor customer service from Delta was the last straw for me.

    On the other hand the Copeland Communications’ blog, can’t argue with that.

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