Almost as absorbing as your eyes

21 Sep

A few days ago, when I was reading through my Twitter feed I came across a tweet by @cathywalker that attracted my interest.  The tweet said “Well done on the sexy commercials, Stayfee!” So, I clicked on the link and watched the You Tube video.  See here. The first thing I thought of was the Old Spice Commercials.  If I hadn’t known from reading the tweet that the commercial was going to be about Stayfree pads I would had never have put the two together.  There are three commercials.  You can pick your date with Ryan, Trevor or Brad.

These commercials were creative and made me laugh. It took a bit to get to the point of what they were about but since I already knew I waited for the punch line so to speak. Two of the the places where they reveal what the commercial is about are interesting to say the least. One is on a piano and the other one on a table that is set for dinner. Two places you wouldn’t expect to see feminine hygiene products.

I have to give credit to Ryan, Trevor and Brad who were in the commercials. Most men seem to shy away from having to get their wife or girlfriend these products but these guys do it with confidence. And yes, I know they are acting. At the end of the commercials they give you a link that you can go online and order a free sample of the new Thermo Control pads but when I tried it is not open to residents of Canada. Just the United States…so women we are outta luck here in Canada.


One Response to “Almost as absorbing as your eyes”

  1. andmerson September 22, 2010 at 11:18 am #

    I’m really liking this new trend of shirtless men selling anything.

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