What makes up social media competency?

27 Sep

Paris Hilton is famous for being famous. As anyone who has suffered through Hottie and the Nottie knows, she doesn’t have much talent.

Beware of the Paris Hiltons of the social media world. Just because someone has a lot of online friends and followers, and tweets on the half-hour, does not mean they are talented social media strategists. While personally using social media is important part of being social media saavy, so are having a strategic mind, good people skills to collaborate with clients, and a strong marketing foundation to fit social media into a broad communications plan. Many heavy social media users offer the full package. Some just have a lot of time on their hands – they’re the Paris Hiltons.

Being good at marketing yourself is not the same thing as being good at marketing products and services. If it was, ad agencies and marketing departments would be run by realtors.

The first social media question I’d ask a prospective employee in an interview would not be “Do you personally tweet?” but “Tell me about your experience developing successful social media strategies for clients.” It’s what clients first ask me when we start discussing social media.


One Response to “What makes up social media competency?”

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