BP’s PR disaster takes a scary turn

4 Oct

If BP thought that doing their mea culpa and spending $50 million on an ad campaign was going to dig them out of their PR sink-hole, this just in:

From the New York Times comes this Halloween sunburst that the BP oil spill clean-up costume is the hottest seller this year so far. Even out-selling slices of raw meat, in homage to Lady Gaga’s recent frock.

So great has demand been for the oil-splattered green jumpsuit (with the BP logo now representing “Bad Planning”) that the costume’s entrepreneurial manufacturer is rush-ordering another 10,000. And it’s only the first week of October.

This means three things for BP:

  1. The public hasn’t finished with you yet. Far from it.
  2. You’re wasting money on advertising.
  3. A scornful public has taken ownership of your name and logo. They will not serve you well again.

It’s hard to imagine a phoenix rising from the ashes of this once mighty petroleum company.

Has anyone seen any photos of the company’s CEO and board members up to their elbows in oil cleaning it off dying wildlife? Or selling off their holiday homes to raise funds for community rebuilding? These might be good places to start.


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