Getting it right in the new marketplace

9 Oct

Guest post by Maureen Blaseckie

After more than a few rides around the sun, one thing I’ve noticed is that, regardless of the medium, marketing works when it shifts the consumer from a passive to an active observer (note my way of avoiding the cliché “engages”).  Make me think, laugh or reflect and the chances I will remember that product next time at the mall have increased substantially.

The obverse of this idea is equally as strong.  If I’m sitting on the couch and see a lady dancing with her mop (or spurning it for the more exciting latin lover style mop) my only reaction will be to bump the fast forward to triple speed.

The same holds for print ads, billboards and, now, targeted ads in social media. The other morning when I logged into Facebook I did notice the ads next to my profile but only long enough to wonder who the hell they thought I might be: tattoo removal, addictions counselor training, hearing loss and massage therapy…?? Yes, got my attention all right but I don’t recall putting anything in my personal information to indicate I was an ageing biker chick.  That is not how to use new media.

There was a profile update, however, from a friend commenting on how the bus is now full of people who smell like his grandfather thanks to the, yup, Old Spice Guy. That is how to use new media.

What it comes down to is the new marketplace is exactly like the old marketplace.  If someone is interested in what you have on display, they’ll stop for at a moment. While they are there at your table, that’s your chance to reach out to them, to involve their minds, stimulate their sense and, most importantly, treat them with respect.

(Follow Maureen on Twitter for more of her nifty thinking.)


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