Break up your online content to increase its readership

15 Nov

(Thanks to Jay Baer for the idea outlined in this post)

When your business has a story to tell, it’s tempting to dump it all on your website and expect your audience to read every word. Better to break up the story into bits and spread the story over a longer time period and multiple channels. (Jay refers to this as atomizing content).

People have limited time to read: the web has shortened our attention spans and made brief content easiest to digest.

Certain online channels are best for certain content: it’s easier for you to post your videos on YouTube than a webpage, and easier for your customers to share them there.

More ‘bait in the water’ increases readership: recent content has the best chance of being noticed and your content is only new once. This is especially true in social media where our tweets quickly drop below the fold of our followers’ home page. Even still, under half a percent of wall posts and status updates make it into friends’ and fans’ Top News feeds. Smaller content more often makes it more likely for one of the bits to be read.

Each bit of content can focus on a unique angle of your story. From there, you can drive viewers to a home base (preferably a blog) where they can access other content and get the whole story.


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