4 ways to make sure your app is selling your brand

17 Nov

Sometime during the past year the ubiquitous phone app became the star of the show, overshadowing, in many cases, the brand it was meant to sell.

Let’s face it, your business might be necessary or worthwhile, but not always fun.

Enter the app.

Having an app that is cooler than your product can go either way: they will love your product, or ignore it and just play with the app.

Here are some ways to even the odds in favour of the former:

> Make sure your app function is relevant. A cool game doesn’t count unless you sell cool games. A cool app that allows you to design your own shoes is relevant if your business is custom-made footwear.

> Aim the function of your app at your target market. Not simply at the groups that are most downloading apps. Skew correctly and you will end up with relevant downloads. Is there an irrelevant download you ask? If you’re a plastic surgeon and your app is to show how augmenting your breasts will look, having a bunch of 15-year old guys popping in pics of their classmates and teachers probably counts as irrelevant downloads. If your agency is tying the success of their app to downloads, make sure you have metrics built-in to measure relevancy.

> Don’t over-promise with your app. If it’s ten times more interesting than what you do, it will make your business look ten times less interesting. (So maybe it’s time to make what you do ten times more interesting?)

> The positioning of the app needs to tie into your brand promise and values. Apps are not some lawless renegades riding roughshod across the mobile landscape. They are extensions of your brand personality. They may be cool now, but hopefully all your advertising is!

Soon ads will be filled with breathless pitches to Download our App!. Remember Visit our Website! and Follow us on Twitter!? More of the same.

These babies are not Your Brand. They are the parts that invite your customers to engage with it. Your Brand is a much bigger mother.

I like this link here to design tips for great mobile apps.


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