Real-time Web: From content to context

3 Dec

Today, many companies are introducing new intelligent tools, based on insight extracted from online behavior, to provide us with personalized experiences. Social Media sets the stage for generating meaningful interactions.

We knew for quite some time that content is king. Nowadays, social media is kicking it up a notch by offering the real-time dimension. Companies are starting to modify their website content or tweets in real time based on customers’ behavior.

Real-Time Web

Here are two ways companies can master this practice:

Contextual Conversation:

SocialFlow has found a way to extract real-time web feeds and data from Twitter and develop a contextual advertising service to its clients.

Once the client has composed and queued his tweets, SocialFlow monitors what topics are being discussed in real-time on Twitter and other social-media services to determine the optimal time to release a tweet about a certain topic to catch the attention of people and increase the chances it will be clicked, liked and retweeted.

Some publications such as The Economist are actually using this tool to jump into the real-time conversations by adding effective and contextual links.

Click behavior:

The numbers of visitors or the bounce rate are two relevant data to measure website performance. But what about content engagement?

Many companies are starting to modify their content in real time based on readers click behavior. A page can get a lot of viewing, but some readers won’t scroll below the third paragraph. The scroll depth monitors how far down the page a visitor travels your site. With this data, editors will be able to update and work harder on the content of their story in real-time.

These tools and the upcoming technologies will keep feeding companies with data to help them create a targeting content to to improve their traffic and exposure to their customers.

Real-time Web is fast emerging as one of the most important elements of our online experience. In the Real-Time Web, context is King and the link is context as long as the destination of the link has a huge value for the visitor.


3 Responses to “Real-time Web: From content to context”

  1. juhliselby December 4, 2010 at 10:29 pm #

    Great info! Thank you for sharing. It’s interesting to hear about how things are evolving. The businesses that understand real-time & use it to respond to & engage with their audience will win big.

  2. asmaamethqal December 6, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    Definitely Juhli! I was quite surprised to see at which extent we can analyze our readers click behavior.

    Many start-ups will emerge and create new ways for us to use and gather data we would have dreamed of 10 years ago.

    The future is exciting! :o)

  3. SocialMediaSean December 30, 2010 at 1:09 pm #

    Asmaa well done. It’s great to be able to tap into your knowledge of the Science of Social Media. All I can say is one of the biggest opportunities for companies in 2011 is going to be able to move into real time. Not just pushing info in real time but connecting and engaging with their customers, fans and critics.

    Social Media Sean

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