Advertisers aren’t using the power of live

9 Dec

live communicationsThere’s something exciting about watching a tightrope walker at a circus. It’s the immediacy, the raw energy, and the deep, dark feeling that something could go wrong.

A live event adds a layer of engagement that you just don’t have with a pre-recorded one. PR companies leverage this every time they host an event. I wonder why advertisers don’t use more live communications? Doing it live is letting go of control, which is worrisome. Even social media, the much-heralded place where brands give up control, has its layer of preparedness; there is always time to plan and consider what you want to say ‘off-camera’ before you publically post.

JustinTV and UStream are two sites that allow anyone to stream live video. Seems like a great opportunity for a brave brand to use the power of live to drive attention and engagement. Does anyone know of any ad campaigns that have used live communications to good result?


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