Date nights with your customers: 4 techniques for optimizing your relationship.

10 Dec

Relationships require work.

You can’t just woo the hell out of your customers, swoon all over them for a couple of interactions, then figure you’ve done enough to keep their engines purring for you for the next 2 years.

Better to consider your customer’s lifetime value to you as a business and set about optimizing that relationship on a regular basis.

Here are 4 ways you can keep them coming back for more of what you got.

LISTEN. You will never understand your customers needs until you stop selling and start listening. Social media provides ridiculous opportunities to monitor what consumers think, feel and do. Listen, act, then listen again. You will learn something you can use.

ASK QUESTIONS. Seek out their opinions and feedback regularly. Make it easy for them to provide it. A business that brings its customers into the picture early is incubating loyalty. A business that’s focused on meeting the demand in the market is an optimized business. You will get lots of late-night cuddles, just wait.

SHARE. Used to be like the Dick Van Dyke Show, companies and their customers sleeping in side-by-side single beds. Now they are procreating in full public view. Together they are creating new products and services. Customers have always wanted this, but businesses have tended to keep them at arm’s length, preferring to remain aloof and control the engagement. Today companies have to see the value in being authentic and real. That’s what the customers dig. Real businesses don’t hide behind stiff suits anymore. They let it all hang out.

TREAT THEM SPECIAL. Don’t show up empty-handed every time you have a date. Bring them something nice; something that says “I value you and I think you’re hot.” A value-add, a discount, a free something, a note of appreciation. Something that creates that warm fuzzy feeling deep down. You want that kiss at the end of the date, right?

Few other quick things: Look good. Make sure you don’t call them by the wrong name.

And get your hands out of your pockets.


One Response to “Date nights with your customers: 4 techniques for optimizing your relationship.”

  1. Petra Franke December 13, 2010 at 12:34 pm #

    To really say I love you..pick a gift that presents in a value added collector tin. 🙂 The client will appreciate the gesture as well open the dialogue about branding their product in a custom designed tin package.

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