Finally, an advertising blog about…advertising

7 Mar

As I read through my bookmarked blogs every morning, I sometimes grow frustrated at their focus on social media. Even some full-service ad agency blogs seem to eschew discussing their work and learnings in traditional media for the umpteenth post on…”Did ya hear what Coke did on Twitter?!”

Yes, blogs are social media. Yes, social media is all the rage these days. But I don’t understand why we can’t talk about other parts of our business as well. Can’t I just read someone’s opinion about what makes a headline effective?

My prayers have been answered.

Suzanne Pope (@suzannepope), Associate Creative Director at John St., runs an insightful Tumblr blog called Ad Teachings well-worth adding to your daily reading list. Topics range from what makes an ad great, to presenting well, to surviving and growing in our industry. You know, advertising stuff. And not a whiff of Twitter, Facebook, or Quora. Highly recommended!

Please leave a comment with links to some of your favorite ad-focused blogs.


One Response to “Finally, an advertising blog about…advertising”

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