What does the average Canadian look like?

7 Mar

National Geographic is making a rather large deal out of the planet hitting 7 billion inhabitants. Their latest issue introduces the world to a composite profile of the world’s most typical human being.

His segmentation profile (as men slightly outnumber women) looks like this:

  • –       28 years old
  • –       right-handed
  • –       Makes less than $12,000 a year
  • –       Will likely live to 73.1 years of age
  • –       Has a cellphone…but no bank account
  • –       Han Chinese

Researchers averaged 190,000 photos to create the composite you see above. If you fit this description, don’t feel too cocky. You’ve got 20 years as the dominant demographic. Then the Indian male takes over. Here’s a short video on the feature:

I thought it would be interesting to see what the most typical Canadian looks like so I did my own profile with photo composite.

She (because women slightly outnumber men in Canada) is:

  • –       41.1 years old, but only admits to 39
  • –       right-handed
  • –       Makes $38,400 a year
  • –       Will likely live to 80.4 years of age
  • –       University educated
  • –       Has a cellphone, a bank account and a retirement income plan
  • –       Caucasian

And here’s what she looks like, based on averaging 118,464 photos together this weekend:

Oh come on. You can’t blame a guy for loving curling.


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