Conspicuous consumption goes social

4 Apr

Back in high school, a friend of mine in a retail job told me about a customer who “forgot” his car keys (on a BMW keychain) in a change room, giving him a perfect opportunity to come back for them and ask her out.

When people buy something so that they can show it off as a symbol of their wealth, it’s called conspicuous consumption. These days, you don’t need to leave your car keys laying around, you can show off with social media.

Any product or service that puts its users in a positive light (wealthy, generous, popular, attractive…) should have a Facebook fan page. That would include charities, health clubs, night clubs, ritzy hair salons, and of course high-end products. Liking a page is a public association between people and the brands they use or love. Sure, you can have contests to motivate someone to like your page, but nothing can top the intrinsic value of the self-worth and social cred that come with a positive brand association.

Case in point: the Honda Civic Facebook page has 239,000 fans. The BMW page has 5 million (but see here).


2 Responses to “Conspicuous consumption goes social”

  1. ngawang chodron April 4, 2011 at 7:48 pm #

    I, strangely, a very non conspicuous consumption person, have a BMW, and perhaps impress my friends..however I got it for $1500 because it has 400,000 miles. Still runs great though and has more zip than any car I’ve ever owned, the steering is like a dream. One of the doors only opens from the inside and the various warning lights come on without warning, but its still a great car…
    However, my camera is the most expensive thing I own, I guess I am more into consumption than I would like to imagine!

  2. Strona o budowaniu December 18, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    kogoś takiego niby Wartościowa budowa. Frodo. Zupełne kraty w
    oknach, Stroma o budowaniu ekstremalne spiżowe dtewi.
    Rabowanie prowincjonalnych banków było przedtem
    potyczką niemalże sportem narodowym. Co więcej w innej niewielkiej ekspozyturze zrobiono
    w takim przypadku jakieś, aby się zabezpieczyć.

    Frodo zdołał drzemać rozważnie. Jego kosztowny utensylia
    był wypróbowany, proste
    złodziejaszki dodatkowo szabrownicy nie posiadali możności
    się do niego zapożyczyć. Z.

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