You always need an idea

21 Apr

Too often overheard in ad agencies: “Guys, let’s keep the creative simple…

…it’s just a postcard announcing the new summer line to existing customers.
…it’s just a window poster promoting a 50% off sale.
…it’s just a quick-and-dirty table topper about the family discount.”

Ad concepts are not a charity case, something you entertain because business is good or it’s a multi-media campaign or you’ve got the budget or time. Ad concepts exist because they bring attention to your message, no matter how simple it is. Sure, any effective concept for a window poster is going to have to be pretty straightforward, but it still deserves an idea.

Ad concepts exist because nobody notices SALE!! posters.

ad concept


One Response to “You always need an idea”

  1. ngawang chodron April 22, 2011 at 6:28 am #

    I think it is a matter of “frequency”, if you saw this sign the first time, I think you would notice it. bright colour, large letters..later maybe not..

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