Give people a reason to visit you online

30 May

In advertising, we give people a reason to buy our product. Yet we jam our website address or our Facebook and Twitter handles at the bottom of our ads and expect it will magically drive traffic. How many websites provide nothing but umpteen sales pitches? How many Twitter accounts are spammy and relentlessly self-promoting? Convince your customer that your digital presence is something of value and she just might come visit.

What are some good reasons for someone to see you online?

Shop your selection. Once your ad has sold people on your product, they can browse your selection and buy it online.

Find out more information. The general “Find out more” is a weak call to action, but if you can make a compelling statement in the ad – “We gave our product to a Polynesian tribe and videotaped them using it” – you can drive people online to pay it off.

Have a conversation. People can go online and talk to you, ask you a question, join a conversation with other customers.

Interact. People can take a quiz, play a game, or watch an interactive video.

Have a virtual experience. People can take a 360 virtual tour, upload a photo of their faces and ‘try on’ the product, or build a customized version of the product online.

Win a prize. People can follow you on Twitter or enter a code from a store receipt at your website to be eligible to win something.

This Adidas ad invites people online to download a soundtrack of a ‘mission’ representative of the style of footwear they’re promoting.



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