Demonstrating Great Service

28 Jun

serviceMost companies think they offer great service. Many mention it in their ads. It becomes an adjective game…“We’ve got [great / outstanding / exemplary / unbelievable / world-class] service.” Customers have heard it all before. Why should they believe you?

Guarantee it: No empty “guarantees”…real consequences. Tell customers if they don’t like your service, they get X for free. That’s a promise people will notice. (It also makes your staff more accountable for the service they provide.)

Show it outside your stores: Have staff out in the community providing the great service you claim they provide at your store.

Back it up: J.D. Power certification externally supports great-service positioning. Or you could try a rational approach. Westjet gives great service. Why? Because employees are also owners, so they personally profit from happy customers who come back. Customers understand that. (WestJet communicates this simply and wonderfully with their tagline “Because owners care.”)

Have clients say it: It’s more credible if your customers are raving about your service than if you are. Invite them to go to Yelp, Trip Advisor, and other review sites to tell their story. Share testimonials with customers. Talk to your customers in social media, not only to address service issues but to help broadcast/spread the great service stories.


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