Is there really any such thing as The Big Idea in advertising?

13 Jul

Great dane towering over tiny Chihuahua

Advertising and marketing people love to talk about “the big idea”. We promise big ideas to our clients and earnestly strive for them, whatever we think they may be.

How they got the caramel into a Cadbury Caramilk bar was a big idea.

Nike”s “Tag” TV commercial was a big idea.

Hell, creating a Facebook contest was, for a blink, a big idea.

But maybe we flatter ourselves.

A writer at The Sunday Times suggests that the biggest “big idea” of all time is Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

I’m sure you can think of other historical examples that might give Darwin a run for his money.

Given that perspective, it’s probably time we advertisers and marketers stopped talking about “the big idea” in the context of what we do day to day.

Just an idea.


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