4 ways November 17 is going to change your life

10 Nov

Ok, so maybe helping the advertising + marketing + PR + web design + communications + media community isn’t itself enough reason to get you to attend the NABS fundraiser on Thursday November 17 at Three Point Motors.


Here are 4 more reasons that will each change your life.

1. You will want to switch your career.

Mad Men and Women in the office

The Cannes winners show-reel will be a BLAST. Forget the Super Bowl half-time snooze-fest. The Cannes reel is the cream of the world’s TV commercials. You will laugh, you will cry, you will wish you worked in advertising like we do. Then you will quit your job and start your own agency.

2. You’ll probably win the lottery.

Celebrating winning the lottery

We have free entry tickets (generously donated by International Guide & Visitor’s Choice) to give away to the first 3 people who get 3 friends to attend. Get out there and spend a few minutes hustling your peeps! Not only will you get to hang and drink and chat with them at a cool event, but you’ll receive one of the free tickets, worth $35 a pop. $35 – that’s a lot of winning lottery tickets folks.

3. Your life will become more interesting.

photo of the most interesting man in the world

The silent auction will have you gasping out loud: Return airfares to Vancouver with Helijet, a pair Canucks tickets, passes to the Victoria Symphony, a painting by Kristin Grant (that amazing artist who did our makeup for Dia de los Muertos), Butchart Garden passes, IMAX passes, Bay Centre gift certificates, car rental from Budget, a 2-night stay at Parksville Beach Place…the list goes on. Imagine your life if you got ALL of them!

4. You will be immortalized.

self portrait Vincent Van Gogh

Renowned caricaturist Mark Siermaczeski will be there to whip up a portrait of you doing something embarrassing, hopefully not self-mutilation. He only charges $20 per portrait, and that’s not much to pay to be immortalized, is it.

So, what, you need a 5th?

Please go directly to the ticket purchase site and help out this incredibly worthwhile charity. NABS, the National Advertising (+ marketing + PR + web design + communications + media) Benevolent Society.

Thank you. And see you there!


2 Responses to “4 ways November 17 is going to change your life”

  1. Grace Campbell November 10, 2011 at 8:00 pm #

    This is so convincing that I think I might buy two tickets.

    And then I might as well buy a third ticket once I have two.

    Quite simple really: Get 3 tickets; get into 3 friends’ good-books by giving the tickets away; then, get into the NABS event for free!

  2. Doug Brown November 10, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

    I like the way you think Grace. Have you ever thought about a career in advertising?

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