A suggestion for the City of Victoria

29 Dec

We love the idea of a skating rink in Centennial Square.

skating rink in Centennial Square Victoria

As we were walking through the Square today on our way downtown, we took note of the architecture of the space and the natural flow of traffic.

We would like to suggest that a skating rink next year could be built around the fountain, in a large circle, to the perimeter of the more elaborate of the stone bands seen in the photo below. This would add the attraction of the water and the lights in the centre, as well as providing viewing spaces on the steps leading down. There are even benches already in place for people to lace up their skates.

Centennial Square Victoria BC

People naturally skate in a circuit. There’s no more dramatic or beautiful circuit in downtown Victoria than around the fountain!

(Skating rink photo courtesy of centericerinks.com)


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