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The final Copeland post

18 Aug

Thank you for following the Copeland blog. We managed to write nearly 750 posts over 3 years, and were always appreciative of your support and thoughtful comments.

The company is now closed. However I am continuing to blog here on all those neat and irritating advertising developments you enjoyed on the Copeland blog.

Doug Brown's advertising blog

Be great to have you as a reader there too. See you in the blogosphere!



The world is strong-arming me to get mobile.

10 Jan

I don’t have a cell phone. I have very little interest in changing this.

It irritates some of my friends. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out, but when I am having a drink at the pub with a bunch of people and half of them are elbows deep in a text I think ‘not for me’. I get by fine with a land-line and the many communication options my Mac has to offer. I got by fine until last week that is.

My Shaw phone modem malfunctioned. I not only couldn’t make or receive calls, but nobody could buzz me from the front door of my building. I lived with this for a few days but I eventually had to make the 45 minute call to Shaw to get the modem replaced. Of course I had to make this call elsewhere than home.

‘Your phone is not working at all?’
‘Nope, and my buzzer doesn’t work either.’
‘What’s your cell number?’
‘I don’t have one. I’m one of those guys. Last one I bet, right?’
‘Can you use a friend’s phone?’
‘I can’t ask a friend to wait with me from 8 AM to 8 PM for your guy on a work day. Can’t he just toss a stone at my window when he gets here?’

I arranged for the technician to check in with the coffee shop in my building to be let in. So long as he made it before 4:30 PM this would work. After that no dice. At least most of the ridiculous appointment waiting period was covered.

But really, what a hassle. At this point my refusal to join the mobile masses is the real problem. I’m the asshole, not Shaw.

The tech made it before 4:30 PM and my phone works again. Like somebody who made a promise to god in order to get out of a jam – and survived – I don’t feel much like keeping my promise to get a cell phone. But really it is time, or is it?

Copeland hires contest winner

9 Jan

When we held our Zombie Intern Contest last February, we were looking to identify students on the Island who might become the advertising stars of tomorrow.

We were pretty sure we found what we were looking for when eventual winner Danny Prew first lurched up our stairs.


We’re thrilled to share the news that we’ve just hired him full-time.

Today is his first day on the job, although he has been a regular face in the office over the past few months doing some outstanding contract work for us.

This recent Pacific Design Academy grad is the complete package: Huge positive energy, beautiful design sense and an amazing team player. He will be mentored within the agency by another former PDA graduate, Michael Tension, also well over 6 feet tall.

Our readers will notice more than a passing resemblance to Canadian comedian Jim Carrey.

Copeland art director Danny Prew



Danny Prew


Comedian Jim Carrey



Jim Carrey


We can assure you that Danny is a lot funnier.

New mugs for the new year

29 Dec

We’re going to bust out of the gate in 2012 with some new faces, all of whom we feel very fortunate to have engaged. Here’s a brief introduction to the new additions to the lineup.

Jill Stefanyk at Copeland







Jill Stefanyk, known to many in Victoria as the exemplary event manager of the Vancouver Island Pet Expo, has joined us on a contract basis as Account Manager. She is currently helping steer a variety of projects through the shop in her cool, competent style. A great find for us.

Bryan Dwyer at Copeland







Former Zombie Intern Contest finalist Bryan Dwyer is bringing his amazing faculty for research and consumer insights to the team, while continuing to complete his BBA degree in Marketing and Communications from Camosun College. Bryan impressed us from Day 1 of his internship during the summer.

Christie Burns at Copeland







Speaking of the Marketing and Communications program at Camosun, we are also lucky to have Christie Burns (technically in her 4th year) interning with us through the dark months of winter.

Actually, it rarely gets dark in Victoria. Did you know that Victoria has 40% more winter sunshine than Vancouver? An excellent reason to hire a Victoria ad agency.

We’re a lot less gloomy. Just look at these mugs.

Zombies, polls, skulls and beer: our year in review

12 Dec

“Change is inevitable. Except from a vending machine.” Robert C. Gallagher

2011 was a year of operatic change for Copeland. We lost clients, we won clients. We lost co-workers, we gained co-workers. Some of our traditional revenue streams dried up and new ones began to flow.

Whatever else you can say about 2011, we attacked it with everything we had. We worked hard and we played hard. And we made substantial changes along the way.

Here’s a month-to-month recap of an unforgettable year.


Our 2-year old blog competes against 11 American ad agencies for Fuel Lines Ad Agency Blog of the Year. We finish second in the online poll behind Texas agency Square1.


We launch our Zombie Intern Contest. It nets us 3 excellent Island interns, including winner Danny Prew, from the Pacific Design Academy.

Copeland Zombie Intern Contest winner Danny Prew

The online contest also puts us on the homepage of the world’s largest advertising publication, Advertising Age.

Copeland Zombies in Ad Age


Heads down, powering through work for new client wins Academy of Learning, the Raptors at Church & State, Scansa Construction and Christina Hillborne.

factory workers


Awarded work for The Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers!


Nominated in 3 of the 4 categories in the first West Coast Social Media Awards, including Best Blog and Best Social Media Campaign (for our Zombie Intern Contest).

West Coast Social Media Awards logo


Managing Director Doug Brown buys Copeland from long-time owner Steven Dagg. Sales of Pepto Bismol go up.

Marketing Online story about Copeland purchase


We hire Connect Hearing’s national marketing manager Jodie Carlisle to be our Director of Client Services.

Copeland Director of Client Service Jodie Carlisle


We move offices and are now strategically located between two of the Island’s best breweries. 😉

Laying down the rugs in Copeland's new office


Renowned Texas-based mobile marketing author and specialist Simon Salt joins Copeland in Victoria for 2 days of Mobile Marketing workshops. We host a tweet-up for him and invite guests via a mobile contest.

Doug becomes President of T-CAAN (Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network) in advance of Copeland hosting the 50th annual conference in Victoria in 2012. Another spike in Pepto Bismol sales.


Our Managing Director 4 A Day student contest goes down to the wire, with U Vic’s Brandon Wright and Royal Roads’ Grace Campbell battling for the win to the very last minute of a 3-day online vote. Grace wins by 4 votes and is featured on CTV news story.

Grace Campbell winner of Copeland's Managing Director 4 a Day contest


Copeland busts out with a Mexican Dia de los Muertos party. We hire professional makeup artists Kristin Grant and Christina Cheply, and custom-label beer from Moon Under Water.

Andrea Merson and Michael Tension at Dia de los Muertos

Asmaa Methqal at Dia de los Muertos at Copeland

Jodie Carlisle chairs the 2011 Vancouver Island NABS fundraiser (National Advertising Benevolent Society) at Three Point Motors – a showing of the Cannes winners’ reel.


We introduce The Copeland Collective. What the heck’s The Copeland Collective you ask? We’ll spill the beans in January!

Moving past zombies to walkers

17 Oct

Our new location at the corner of Pembroke and Government has really changed our business outlook.

We’re at the street level now so we have a new perspective on daily life.

Last year we were all about zombies when we were up on Broughton Street.

Copeland Zombies on Broughton Street

Now we are becoming acquainted with a different type of walker, who we honour on the Copeland website in the animated banner.

Copeland hookers on Government Street

Advertising is, after all, only the world’s second oldest profession.

Superstar student summer update

21 Jul

We’ve been involved with lots of students in the past year and things happen awfully fast when you’re making the transition from school to the working world. We thought we’d bring you an update on what these remarkable talents are up to.

Some have been interns, some have been profiled on our blog, while others are just clearly doing the right things.

UVic BComm student Michela BylMICHELA BYL  Classes end next week for this U Vic BComm student, one of our Up and Comers. She is currently preparing her final venture pitch with her team. Then it’s exhale and time to plan the fall. You may recall that she dreams of a job at Holt Renfrew. She is continuing to pursue that while keeping her eyes peeled for other opportunities. Before she makes any big moves she is taking a well-earned trip to South East Asia.

Capilano University grad Stephan RosgerSTEPHAN ROSGER  A recent Copeland intern and @rosger on Twitter, this guy is a whirling dervish of creative energy and enthusiastic mining of digital developments. Stephan (pronounced STEVEN not STEFAN, blame his parents for making it difficult) is currently back in Vancouver having finished his diploma in Interactive design from Capilano University. Believe me he won’t be long on the sidelines. His Linkedin profile gives you a really great snapshot of his talents.

Camosun BBA student Cale FrombachCALE FROMBACH  A finalist in the Zombie Intern Contest and an Up and Comer on our blog, Cale is set to graduate from Camosun College with a BBA in December 2011. We are hoping to have him in for an internship before some smart business scoops him up. Currently he’s doing contracting for web services (page redesigns, new programs/applications, etc.) and web media (videos, images, social media consulting) for the provincial government.

Vancouver Island University grad Brad TribbeckBRAD TRIBBECK  One of our Zombie Intern Contest finalists, Brad did not one, but two internships with Copeland this year. He is now back in Nanaimo, having just graduated from Vancouver Island University with a BBA (Marketing), and is working at digital print shop Print Three while casting his credentials across the Georgia Strait looking for work at an ad agency in client servicing. You can check out his profile here.

Vancouver Island University MBA candidate Kayodé WanKAYODÉ WAN  One of our Up and Comers, Kayodé is stuck in the middle of exams and rounding off his semester at Vancouver Island University. He has another semester left which ends in November, after which he will be required to find a four-month internship – and he’s actively on the hunt for it. He’s a passionate brand man (hence his Twitter nick: @brandnutter) and will continue spreading the gospel of humanizing Integrated Marketing Communications.

Camosun College 3rd Year BBA student Bryan DwyerBRYAN DWYER   Another of our Zombie Intern Contest finalists, Bryan just impressed the hell out of us during his 2-month internship and is now working with a local online marketing company, creating online strategies, generating content, and setting up online sites for social media. He returns to Camosun College this September to begin the third year of his BBA in Marketing Communications Management.

Royal Roads BA grad Stephanie KlakSTEPHANIE KLAK  As of last week Stephanie, one of our Up and Comers, has officially finished her B.A. in Professional Communications at Royal Roads – with distinction.  For the past month, she has been working on a documentary/multimedia project on lying in relationships. And, true to her values, she continues to volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages. Meanwhile her antennae are up for opportunities in communications in the non profit sector, the public service, and the political realm – while dreaming about internships in the U.N.

Pacific Design Academy grad Danny PrewDANNY PREW  Our Zombie Intern Contest winner is currently doing time at Copeland and will be with us until late August. After that, he will be on the market and ripe for a job in design. He recently graduated from Pacific Design Academy and bagged an Applied Arts student award for this infographic. You can check out his excellent portfolio here.

UVic BComm grad Dan MacDonaldDAN MACDONALD  The first Up and Comer we profiled, Dan has landed yet another dream internship. His BComm at UVic complete, he has moved to Vancouver to intern at Canada’s best ad agency DDB. He continues to run his Dead Celebrities clothing business while learning the ins and outs of advertising and marketing from some of the best minds in Canada. Way to go Dan!