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The Copeland Collective launches in Victoria

12 Mar
The Copeland Collective from Victoria BC

(L>R front) Asmaa Methqal, Kristin Grant (back) Jodie Carlisle, Doug Brown, Derek Ford, Michael Tension, Bryan Dwyer, Dave Wallace, Kris Hageland, Andrea Merson, Danny Prew, Matt Andres, Brandon Wells

When advertising people look at potential solutions to marketing challenges, we do so through the lenses of our trade: corporate strategic planning, research and data analysis, branding, marketing strategies, ads, promotions, contests, social media…you get the idea.

But bring an interior designer or a videographer or a multi-media artist into the brainstorming fray and you see the opportunities through remarkably different eyes.

That’s the idea behind The Copeland Collective, a brand new creative community of some of the most talented artists and professionals the city of Victoria has to offer.

Logo for The Copeland Collective in Victoria, BC

The Copeland Collective is a creative problem-solving machine, designed to revolutionize the way we look at how brands and customers interact, and move away from traditional advertising solves.

In addition to Copeland staff, the Collective includes:

But this is more than just a powerhouse group of creative minds: these are connectors and entrepreneurs with their own communities, and they’re wired into the city,  into culture and into the vibe on the street.

With these amazing talents taking our analytical and creative skills to a new level, we think we can do anything the other major Canadian urban centres can – and do it better.

We’ve got projects already in the works and you’ll be hearing a lot more about The Copeland Collective and the players within it as we roll ahead. Stay tuned!

(Photo by Derek Ford, logo by Michael Tension)


New mugs for the new year

29 Dec

We’re going to bust out of the gate in 2012 with some new faces, all of whom we feel very fortunate to have engaged. Here’s a brief introduction to the new additions to the lineup.

Jill Stefanyk at Copeland







Jill Stefanyk, known to many in Victoria as the exemplary event manager of the Vancouver Island Pet Expo, has joined us on a contract basis as Account Manager. She is currently helping steer a variety of projects through the shop in her cool, competent style. A great find for us.

Bryan Dwyer at Copeland







Former Zombie Intern Contest finalist Bryan Dwyer is bringing his amazing faculty for research and consumer insights to the team, while continuing to complete his BBA degree in Marketing and Communications from Camosun College. Bryan impressed us from Day 1 of his internship during the summer.

Christie Burns at Copeland







Speaking of the Marketing and Communications program at Camosun, we are also lucky to have Christie Burns (technically in her 4th year) interning with us through the dark months of winter.

Actually, it rarely gets dark in Victoria. Did you know that Victoria has 40% more winter sunshine than Vancouver? An excellent reason to hire a Victoria ad agency.

We’re a lot less gloomy. Just look at these mugs.

And the winner of our student contest is…

30 Sep

Copeland's contest winner Grace CampbellGRACE CAMPBELL!

This could have ended up being one of those classic Dewey Defeats Truman stories, because Grace dueled with Brandon Wright of UVic until the very last minute to see who would claim the win, become our Managing Director 4 a Day and pocket the $500. The two of them went back and forth with the lead, proving their resourcefulness and dogged determination to win. Epic!

With 1402 votes in, Grace’s margin of victory was only 4 votes. She was trailing by 19 with two hours to go and I actually wrote this post announcing Brandon as the winner. I then had to throw another one together at the last minute! It was as hairy for us as it was for the contestants.

By her own admission, she took the contest very seriously, handing out flyers, hosting meet & greets at Royal Roads, and getting included in the university’s e-newsletter that came out Friday afternoon.

Well, congratulations Grace. You squeaked it out. This native Yukoner, back in school after a 5-year break planting trees, showed what a quick study she is. To get her votes, Grace also created a Facebook Group called Grace Campbell Needs Some LOVE, and worked her Facebook and Twitter friends and followers  to death throughout the week.

Grace Campbell's tweet for votes

Our thanks to the other finalists Brandon and Connor Bildfell, for making this a hugely entertaining and good-spirited contest. Especially Brandon who was closing the gap for the umpteenth time as the contest ended. Amazing effort.

And our appreciation to our judges Kathi Springer of The Pace Group and Brian Hartz of Douglas Magazine.

The upside of turning 50

1 Sep

Today marks a significant date for member agencies of T-CAAN, the Trans Canada Advertising Association Network, of which Copeland is a member.

We enter our 50th year.

T-CAAN founder Bill Whitehead Sr.More significantly, the founder of the network, Bill Whitehead Sr., logs in his 50th year at the head of the table. Think about that.

This association of independent ad agencies, the oldest in North America, gives owners and managers a support team across the country. We share resources and best practices, pass along new business opportunities and generally help each other out as we can.

This map shows the office network, stretching from Whitehorse and Victoria to St. John’s.

A map of Canada including all the agencies in the T-CAAN network

A truly national network. Imagine the potential.

Every year we gather at one of these cities for a 4-day conference of inspiring speakers, discussions of new developments and problem-solving workshops.

After hours, we share ideas and horror stories over bottles of whatever is cold.

For agencies in isolated markets, the conference gives us face-time with other advertising professionals who are generous with their advice and time. That’s a god-send.

The next conference is in Victoria.

In June 2012, Copeland and Victoria will host the 50th annual conference, which we’ve themed FAST FORWARD. We’ll certainly include a retrospective of T-CAAN’s first 50 years (REWIND), but we’ll be focusing on where the industry is going in such a hurry.

We are already gearing up to welcome the big crowd we expect to make the trip to our beautiful city. And we get to throw the party of the year (PLAY), which is the fun part of turning 50.

Wonder how the zombies are going to figure into this…

T-CAAN's 50th annual conference logo with a zombie

Whiz kid finds global audience through social media

22 Aug

Social Media entrepreneur Michael Moore-JonesMichael Moore-Jones is 16.

The New Zealand student has already had a couple of very big ideas, which, thanks to social media, are influencing thought outside his native country.  I found him accidentally in search while scoping out thought on life without a smartphone.

Turns out he is a reliable and confident voice on a wide-range of issues. And then there are those ideas.

He is the founder of They Don’t Teach You This In School, an ingenious site that helps young people learn through the experience of successful adults, through one-minute videos that answer the question:

What is the one thing they didn’t teach you in school that you wish you had known when you were younger?

The most recent video has New Zealand Prime Minister John Key weighing in on Finance and Debt lessons.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key contributes to They Don't Teach You This In School

He has also co-created a social networking site for couples that saves your relationship history called Duo.

Well worth your time to tune in to this articulate young voice.

You can read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

Did I mention that he is 16? You gotta support this kind of initiative!

A remarkable Victoria furniture designer gets a makeover

8 Aug

Victoria furniture designer and maker Christina HilborneMeet Christina Hilborne.

She’s talented, skilled, ethical, and a little bit nuts. Which is why we love her.

She dropped in to see us in April with an amazing portfolio of furniture she designed (talented) and built (skilled) herself, with an emphasis on sustainability in her materials (ethical) that we admired.

She had also adopted for her business the unusual name of Splintered Minx (little bit nuts) that we recognized as an opportunity for her and for us: She needed a makeover.

We’ve since spent 3 months working with this amazing woman and we are happy and thrilled to introduce her work and her new look to Victoria furniture lovers.

New company name, new logo, new website, Facebook page, sales piece….and a marketing and social media plan in the works.

People like Christina are why we dig this business.

screen shot from Christina Hilborne's website(website)


Screen shot of Christina Hilborne's Facebook page(you know…)


photo of the cover of Christina Hilborne's sales piece/catalogue

(cover of her sales piece)


photo of inside spread of Christina Hilborne's sales piece/catalogue

(inside spread)


The Copeland team comprised Michael Tension (graphic design and art direction), Asmaa Methqal (account management and digital planning), Tom Hammarberg (website design) and Lindy Philip (production goddess).

Superstar student summer update

21 Jul

We’ve been involved with lots of students in the past year and things happen awfully fast when you’re making the transition from school to the working world. We thought we’d bring you an update on what these remarkable talents are up to.

Some have been interns, some have been profiled on our blog, while others are just clearly doing the right things.

UVic BComm student Michela BylMICHELA BYL  Classes end next week for this U Vic BComm student, one of our Up and Comers. She is currently preparing her final venture pitch with her team. Then it’s exhale and time to plan the fall. You may recall that she dreams of a job at Holt Renfrew. She is continuing to pursue that while keeping her eyes peeled for other opportunities. Before she makes any big moves she is taking a well-earned trip to South East Asia.

Capilano University grad Stephan RosgerSTEPHAN ROSGER  A recent Copeland intern and @rosger on Twitter, this guy is a whirling dervish of creative energy and enthusiastic mining of digital developments. Stephan (pronounced STEVEN not STEFAN, blame his parents for making it difficult) is currently back in Vancouver having finished his diploma in Interactive design from Capilano University. Believe me he won’t be long on the sidelines. His Linkedin profile gives you a really great snapshot of his talents.

Camosun BBA student Cale FrombachCALE FROMBACH  A finalist in the Zombie Intern Contest and an Up and Comer on our blog, Cale is set to graduate from Camosun College with a BBA in December 2011. We are hoping to have him in for an internship before some smart business scoops him up. Currently he’s doing contracting for web services (page redesigns, new programs/applications, etc.) and web media (videos, images, social media consulting) for the provincial government.

Vancouver Island University grad Brad TribbeckBRAD TRIBBECK  One of our Zombie Intern Contest finalists, Brad did not one, but two internships with Copeland this year. He is now back in Nanaimo, having just graduated from Vancouver Island University with a BBA (Marketing), and is working at digital print shop Print Three while casting his credentials across the Georgia Strait looking for work at an ad agency in client servicing. You can check out his profile here.

Vancouver Island University MBA candidate Kayodé WanKAYODÉ WAN  One of our Up and Comers, Kayodé is stuck in the middle of exams and rounding off his semester at Vancouver Island University. He has another semester left which ends in November, after which he will be required to find a four-month internship – and he’s actively on the hunt for it. He’s a passionate brand man (hence his Twitter nick: @brandnutter) and will continue spreading the gospel of humanizing Integrated Marketing Communications.

Camosun College 3rd Year BBA student Bryan DwyerBRYAN DWYER   Another of our Zombie Intern Contest finalists, Bryan just impressed the hell out of us during his 2-month internship and is now working with a local online marketing company, creating online strategies, generating content, and setting up online sites for social media. He returns to Camosun College this September to begin the third year of his BBA in Marketing Communications Management.

Royal Roads BA grad Stephanie KlakSTEPHANIE KLAK  As of last week Stephanie, one of our Up and Comers, has officially finished her B.A. in Professional Communications at Royal Roads – with distinction.  For the past month, she has been working on a documentary/multimedia project on lying in relationships. And, true to her values, she continues to volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages. Meanwhile her antennae are up for opportunities in communications in the non profit sector, the public service, and the political realm – while dreaming about internships in the U.N.

Pacific Design Academy grad Danny PrewDANNY PREW  Our Zombie Intern Contest winner is currently doing time at Copeland and will be with us until late August. After that, he will be on the market and ripe for a job in design. He recently graduated from Pacific Design Academy and bagged an Applied Arts student award for this infographic. You can check out his excellent portfolio here.

UVic BComm grad Dan MacDonaldDAN MACDONALD  The first Up and Comer we profiled, Dan has landed yet another dream internship. His BComm at UVic complete, he has moved to Vancouver to intern at Canada’s best ad agency DDB. He continues to run his Dead Celebrities clothing business while learning the ins and outs of advertising and marketing from some of the best minds in Canada. Way to go Dan!

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