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The Copeland Collective launches in Victoria

12 Mar
The Copeland Collective from Victoria BC

(L>R front) Asmaa Methqal, Kristin Grant (back) Jodie Carlisle, Doug Brown, Derek Ford, Michael Tension, Bryan Dwyer, Dave Wallace, Kris Hageland, Andrea Merson, Danny Prew, Matt Andres, Brandon Wells

When advertising people look at potential solutions to marketing challenges, we do so through the lenses of our trade: corporate strategic planning, research and data analysis, branding, marketing strategies, ads, promotions, contests, social media…you get the idea.

But bring an interior designer or a videographer or a multi-media artist into the brainstorming fray and you see the opportunities through remarkably different eyes.

That’s the idea behind The Copeland Collective, a brand new creative community of some of the most talented artists and professionals the city of Victoria has to offer.

Logo for The Copeland Collective in Victoria, BC

The Copeland Collective is a creative problem-solving machine, designed to revolutionize the way we look at how brands and customers interact, and move away from traditional advertising solves.

In addition to Copeland staff, the Collective includes:

But this is more than just a powerhouse group of creative minds: these are connectors and entrepreneurs with their own communities, and they’re wired into the city,  into culture and into the vibe on the street.

With these amazing talents taking our analytical and creative skills to a new level, we think we can do anything the other major Canadian urban centres can – and do it better.

We’ve got projects already in the works and you’ll be hearing a lot more about The Copeland Collective and the players within it as we roll ahead. Stay tuned!

(Photo by Derek Ford, logo by Michael Tension)


Tunnel tourism: the next big thing for Victoria?

19 Feb

Victoria’s entrepreneurial management of its historical assets lies at the heart of the city’s success as a tourist destination. We do a lot with a little.

Tourists tend to move from the Inner Harbour down Government St. to Chinatown, then back. Small strip, but there’s a ton of history packed into those 6 or 7 blocks.

Of course that’s only the history you can see. There’s a whole different level of intrigue going on below the surface. Literally.

The Tunnels.

Tunnel tours

Whether coal chutes from the harbour up through Market Square, escape routes for opium users in Chinatown, or discreet connections between the Empress Hotel and the Union Club, everyone’s heard a story about the tunnels – and there is plenty of fanatical interest. Yet no one really knows the entire network for certain and the City sure isn’t telling.

I was personally introduced to one by the owner of the Pacific Design Academy on Wharf Street who stumbled upon it in his basement while doing renos.

Imagine the financial potential of upgrading those tunnels and creating under-city guided tours: Victoria’ amazing history told through the city’s original town planning.

People love tunnels. Think of the success of the Catacombs in Paris, or the Cu Chi tunnel systems in Vietnam. When managed well, tunnel tourism can be huge business. Seattle has been exploiting its own tunnel history since 1965 thanks to the efforts of legendary historian and promoter Bill Speidel. So the model is already there.

Victory’s history could be even more sensationally brought to life via an Augmented Reality app that you use when you’re on the tour.

Tunnel tourism would make a heck of a viability study for the Entrepreneurial majors in U Vic’s Gustavson School of Business, don’t you think?

Tunnel tours


10 Feb

Here’s my vote for the best new company name and look in Victoria.

Mouthpiece Victoria PR company

Tartan alum Christine Gleed and Trisha Lees have joined forces to launch their own PR/Media relations/Issues management company, Mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece was rolled out in late 2011 with a corporate ID and website courtesy of the fantastically talented Neil Tran.

Christine Gleed of Mouthpiece

Trisha Lees of Mouthpiece

Christine and Trisha have already bagged a bunch of new clients and you should expect to hear plenty more from this duo as the year picks up steam.

After all, they didn’t name themselves Churchmouse!

New mugs for the new year

29 Dec

We’re going to bust out of the gate in 2012 with some new faces, all of whom we feel very fortunate to have engaged. Here’s a brief introduction to the new additions to the lineup.

Jill Stefanyk at Copeland







Jill Stefanyk, known to many in Victoria as the exemplary event manager of the Vancouver Island Pet Expo, has joined us on a contract basis as Account Manager. She is currently helping steer a variety of projects through the shop in her cool, competent style. A great find for us.

Bryan Dwyer at Copeland







Former Zombie Intern Contest finalist Bryan Dwyer is bringing his amazing faculty for research and consumer insights to the team, while continuing to complete his BBA degree in Marketing and Communications from Camosun College. Bryan impressed us from Day 1 of his internship during the summer.

Christie Burns at Copeland







Speaking of the Marketing and Communications program at Camosun, we are also lucky to have Christie Burns (technically in her 4th year) interning with us through the dark months of winter.

Actually, it rarely gets dark in Victoria. Did you know that Victoria has 40% more winter sunshine than Vancouver? An excellent reason to hire a Victoria ad agency.

We’re a lot less gloomy. Just look at these mugs.

Contest Update: Be our Boss 4 a Day

25 Sep

Our contest to be our Managing Director 4 A Day wrapped up last Friday afternoon and we are thrilled to share with you the names of the students who entered, in the order their entries were received:

Connor Bildfell – University of Victoria
David Lin – University of Victoria
Alex Rabu – Camosun College
Simonas Uzdavinys – Camosun College
Rebecca Staynor – University of Victoria
Grace Campbell – Royal Roads University
Chelsey Smith – Royals Roads University
Brandon Wright – University of Victoria
Fulya Ozkul – Royal Roads University
Stefanie Watchman – Pacific Design Academy
Phil Sutton – Camosun College
Wesley Yu – Camosun College
Darragh Grove-White – Camosun College

The standard of the entries was amazing and finding 3 finalists will be a task and a half.

Brian Hartz editor of Douglas MagazineKathi Springer of The Pace GroupFortunately, we have help! Kathi Springer, PR specialist and the VP Communications and Corporate Relations at The Pace Group, and Brian Hartz, the editor of Douglas Magazine, have offered to assist in the judging.

On Wednesday we will announce the 3 finalists and conduct a vote on our Facebook page until Friday at 5PM.

We wondered if the applications would come anywhere near the quality we saw during our Zombie Internship Contest in March. The answer is a resounding YES. Wait until you see them!

Thank you to all these fantastic students.

A Day in the Life of a Managing Director 4 a Day

16 Sep

If you win our Managing Director 4 a Day contest, what can you expect on October 17th when you take over the captain’s chair?

Natalie Dee illustration of not mowing the lawn.

Well you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. That comes with the job. There are consequences that come with that, but hey, you’re the boss.

You will already have been into the agency a few days prior to meet the Copeland team and get up to speed on what we all do within the business.  We will have sat down and worked together on an agenda for the day.

It could look something like this:

8:30 am – noon 

  • Make coffee for yourself . (What, you were expecting an Executive Assistant? Ok fine, I will make your coffee.)
  • Tweet what you’re doing
  • Preside over the 8:45 staff meeting with an agenda I will help you prepare zombie on white background
  • Go over what each staff member has on their table that day
  • Hunt down a Zombie rummaging in the staff room and incapacitate it 
  • Help clean up the mess
  • Participate in a creative brainstorm
  • Begin writing a blog post entry about your day which will be posted in the afternoon
  • Meet a senior Copeland client at their office to review a job

Lunch with the Copeland gang in Chinatown

1:00 – 4:00

  • Interview an intern candidate and write a brief report
  • Participate in a strategic brainstorm
  • Continue writing your blog post entry
  • Respond to tweets aimed at @yourcopeland
  • Review a new business proposal with the team

4:00 – 5:00

  • Finish your blog entry and post it
  • Review social media traffic for the day Out of use Canadian $500 banknote
  • Have a beer with the gang as the day winds down (or a Ginger Ale if you’re underage)
  • Collect your $500 paycheque

Ok, so how hard can that be! We’re accepting entries until Friday September 23rd. Bring yours to my attention however you like:

  • email me at
  • tweet the entry to @yourcopeland
  • or find some other creative way to direct us to you what you’ve done.
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