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Did the mad men of Mad Men deliberately provoke New Yorkers?

3 Mar

I was sorry to read that some families of the victims of 9/11 have been hurt by the latest out-of-home ads promoting Season 5 of Mad Men.

Falling man from controversial Mad Men Season 5 ad

As you can see, the ads depict a man in free-fall down the side of a building. This is a familiar image to fans of the show as it is essentially the narrative thread of the show’s opening sequence.

It is also a familiar image to people all over the world who watched men and women jump to their deaths from the burning towers.

9/11 falling man and falling man from Mad Men ad Season 5I do understand that people who had lost loved ones in that massacre would feel jarred by the sight of this on a building in New York. This is unfortunate for everyone involved, advertisers and audience alike.

The buzz out there is that the Mad Men promotions team was somehow looking to capitalize on New York sensitivity and could not have been unaware of the impact of this particular execution.

There are some ads out there that are deliberately designed to needle. This one for Benetton would fall into that category.

Unhate campaign by Benetton with Obama and Chavez kissing

But would the mad men of Mad Men feel it necessary to skewer the deepest sensitivities of New Yorkers on purpose like this? Or was this just an unfortunate miscalculation?

I’ll let you decide.

(Mad Men photos courtesy AMC)


All you need is Unhate

17 Nov

Do the world’s leaders have a sense of humour?

It’s going to be very useful as they are forced to deal with clothing manufacturer Benetton’s new kiss-and-make-up advertising campaign, which sees digitally altered photos of at-odds world leaders.

Benetton ad of Obama and Chavez kiss

Benetton ad with Pope and an Imam kissing

Benetton ad with North and South Korean leaders kissing

The campaign, ostensibly promoting peace and love and all that stuff, is absolutely consistent with past efforts. They’ve enjoyed stirring the pot of public and private indignation for years. This one has already shocked and outraged the Vatican.

What does this have to do with shirts? Nothing. It has everything to do with the Benetton brand and that’s what they’re selling here.

A pretty cool new feature on their website is the Kiss Wall, where you can create an unhate match of any two people – or things – you wish.

Man kissing panda from Benetton Unhate Wall

UPDATE: Benetton just announced that they have pulled the Pope/Imam mash-up due to pressure from the Vatican. I tell ya, they didn’t like the Imam’s dominant position!