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Texting creates emotional art

24 Apr

I discovered this ingenious art installation created for Museo Nacional de Antropologica in Mexico City.

It’s like a giant lite-brite; a 45-foot cylindrical steel tower with small, resin-based Tlaloc figurines attached to it. (Tlaloc is the ancient Aztec god of rain). Inside each figurine is a multi-coloured LED.

Here’s where mobile technology takes over.

Passers-by are encouraged to text to a certain number and indicate their current emotion, either:  Love, happy, mad, sad etc. Each emotion is represented by a colour. Love = red, happy = green, mad = blue and so on.

As the texts are received, a program groups the emotions in the order they are received and lights a figurine.

In essence, the installation becomes a barometer of the mood of the public at any given time.

(Images from Behance Network)