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Are you sleeping with too many people?

15 Feb

Awake to the warming glow of technology

I sleep with too many people at night.

I am guilty. I text, respond to emails, check out Facebook, read endless streams of tweets, and sometimes even play Angry Birds.

I often have trouble sleeping. Sometimes I can’t get to sleep for hours. Other times, like last Sunday, I wake up at 4am for no reason, completely unable to get back to sleep.

I have no idea what the problem could be.

Yes, I am delusional. Of course messing around with my phone in bed is the problem. I should stop but it is just so tempting. When I set my alarm those little alert icons are too much for me to ignore.

Too many of us take our smart phone, laptop, iPad, and whatever else to bed, but it is atrocious sleep hygiene. You might also be sleep-texting, which I assume is much like “drunk-dialing” but less coherent, and more unnerving. The theory is that we are so plugged-in during the day that we can’t separate ourselves from it at night.

The 2011 iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report found that 52% of mobile workers felt that their mobile work habits affected their sleep. Terrifyingly, the report also concluded that getting fewer than six hours of sleep a night makes you 12% more likely to die before the age of 65, compared to your friend who gets six to eight hours of sleep a night.

Apps that track your sleep patterns are out there, but I wonder if they aren’t the original problem repackaged and rebranded. The fact that we eat, sleep, and breathe our devices presents enormous opportunity for the industrious among us. Even so, the dependency probably shouldn’t be encouraged.

As of tonight I am challenging myself to keep my phone and laptop out of the bedroom. I’ll plug in my forgotten alarm clock and draw some much-needed personal boundaries. If the American Sleep Association says that the bed is for sleep and sex only, then who am I to argue?

(Photo courtesy of trendhunter.com)


Environmentally friendly public transport hits North America care of an ad agency.

22 Apr

With today being Earth Day today, we would like to share a notable project an ad agency, yes an ad agency, has created and put to fruition to help the environmental and health movement in North America.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky successfully took their corporate mandate of culture change and made it happen on grand scale beyond a cool guerilla stunt.  They created a city bike-sharing program, designing many elements from the racks and kiosks to the website and the backend technology.  They also partnered with Humana, a health insurance provider and Trek, bike maker and after years of planning sold their first B-cycle concept package to the city of Denver which will be run by a non-profit group called Denver Bike Sharing.  This will hopefully create a domino effect in North America with more cities buying in and finally incorporate a great public transport option that many European and Asian cities have benefited from.

In addition to helping the environment with this cost effective and neat transportation system ($65 USD for an annual pass which is less than what I pay in Victoria for a monthly bus pass!), there are benefits to the partners.  Not only does this increase their corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (aka Doo-Gooder) reputation, it also creates positive brand awareness for all 3 companies associating them to health, wellness, the environment, and innovation.

It also opens the opportunity for media placements which will hopefully keep membership costs down and provide funds for maintenance, repairs and growth.  Members will use RFID cards to let users check out bicycles with a quick swipe. The bikes will also have GPS tracking. Users will be able to go online and access their member profiles, which will track how far they rode, how many calories they burned and the route they took. This information and user engagement should make athletic companies such as Adidas and Nike as well as health-industry companies drool over targeting and media placement options.  In addition to online, outdoor advertising can be available as well.

Overall, this is what I call an excellent all around win-win.  I do hope this concept is expanded especially to health and environmental conscious cities like Victoria.

Though Crispin Porter + Bogusky did not have the ability to set up the entire program themselves they partnered with companies that could fill their weak spots but needed their strength in design and strategy.  Now for a reflection on the big picture, what is your company doing to leave its mark on society and the planet?  How high up on your corporate growth to do list is it?  It may grow your business and reputation more than you think and create partnerships which will help your business in more ways than one!

For mor info check out http://www.bcycle.com/

Unable to focus? You might be suffering from Urbanoverdosis

11 Sep

UrbanoverdosisWhile it’s long been recognized that city life is exhausting, research suggests that busy urban cities actually dull our thinking. Just being in an urban environment, has been found to impair our basic mental processes.

Why you ask? One of the main forces at work is the stark lack of nature in most urban environments. Even fleeting glimpses of nature improve brain performance and creativity, because they provide a mental break from over-stimulus and interruption of our thoughts.

People have tried everything from consuming mass amounts of red bull to redesigning their office layouts to improve cognitive performance, but it seems the most effective stimulus can be found in our nearest green space.

If you’re looking to fill this prescription for nature’s brain medicine and your city is out-of-stock, come visit us in Victoria, we have ample supply.