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Kids must really like exploding things

21 Sep

(Guest post by 8-year old blogger Lola Brown)

Have you ever seen that Gushers commercial where that blue explosion comes out from the back of that white sofa. Really it’s a kid holding a pack of  Gushers.

Have you also ever seen that Kool Aid commercial  where that guy is painting the wall blue, and all of a sudden the girl has an idea.  Her idea is to blow in the straw until the juice box is filled with air and step on it so it explodes and paints the wall blue for the guy. Sorry my papa couldn’t find the video on youtube.

My first question is: do these things really explode like that?

My second question is: what really is the difference between these  two commercials?

8-year old Victoria BC blogger Lola Brown with popcorn


Why doesn’t advertising always tell the truth?

10 Apr

(Guest post by 8-year old blogger Lola Brown)

My Papa tells me not to believe everything I see on TV. So I don’t.

You know what is crazy is that Dove soap commercial. They say that it isn’t like the soap that dries your skin. Well I have Dove soap at home and it dried in the soap dish. The top of it is completely covered in wrinkles. So I think the same thing will happen to my skin.

Then in the Littlest Pet Shops commercial the girls who are playing with the Pet Shops are teenagers. Teenagers don’t play with little kid toys! I play with Pet Shops. I like the bunnies the best. But I’m only 8.