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Copeland Stupor Bowl XLVI Part. II

6 Feb

Jill’s Pick:

The vampire craze is a little past due. If Audi had run this ad last year during the Trueblood, Vampire Diaries and the Twilight hype they probably could have really cashed in. Not to say this is a bad ad, I actually really enjoyed it being a vampire lover myself.

In the ad, a guy is driving an Audi to a vampire party, he let’s us know he is a vampire by flashing his fangs. There are shots of the vampires partying under the full moon, enjoying blood bags, tree climbing, playing acoustic guitars, just as all vampires do. Problems arise when the Audi driving vampire pulls up to the party with the new LCD “daylight headlights” on and all of his pals are instantly incinerated by the “daylight.”

The song “The Killing Time” by Echo & the Bunnymen was a perfect fit for this vampire themed ad. And I really liked the addition of the #solongvampires hashtag, it shows that Audi is a forward thinking company and are really “with it.”

Overall it was a good ad and Audi’s new LCD “daylight headlights” could very well be the solution to the overpopulated bloodthirsty vampires!

Christie’s Pick:

This spot had it all: a Rocky-esque montage, zippy red car, relatable hero, the American dream, and promises of summer. Oh, and our hero is a chubby dog. I was excited to explore those ideas, and then I watched it again.

As I wondered what the title “The Dog Strikes Back” was all about, it played though until the awkward commercial-in-a-commercial ending I had conveniently missed the first time around. A little research later and it appears that the chubby dog is 2012’s answer to 2011’s cute Darth Vader kid. And that barking dog YouTube video that I ignored (but everyone went nuts for on Facebook) was the teaser for it.

The story stood on its own without the self-referential Star Wars ending. If I hadn’t watched it again (and again) I would have been so much more satisfied. The teaser with dogs barking iconic music from Star Wars had some relevance to the 2011 spot, and arguably some solid pop-culture cred, but this felt as cheap as “it was all a dream…”


Super Bowl XLIV

26 Jan


If you’re like me and figured that Saints were in the Vatican, and Colts come in packs of five and have a delicious wine flavor, then February 2, 2010 is about more than just what happens on the field. 

Whether it’s much overused references to “wardrobe malfunctions” or  banned, or nearly banned, ads for PETA, one has to wonder if the live experience is half as interesting as watching from the comfort of your own home. 

For me, the most exciting part of watching the Super Bowl (aside from the beer and wings) is watching the commercials. 

These guys here have listed their top 20 best Super Bowl commercials, and it’s a great trip down memory lane.  There are a few names that you might recognize here, and some others that have faded into obscurity. 

Advertising Age has a complete list of everyone that has bought time in this year’s event, so I thought it might be fun to score the ads.  If you aren’t interested in the game, but have to watch it anyways, this might give you something to do while the two teams make their homeruns and free throws.  Print it off, fill it out, and try not to spill any beer on it.

Add your comments to let us know who the winners and losers were this year (the ads, not the game.  I don’t care much about the game 🙂