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More evidence that we are about to be left further behind by technology

27 Jun

Artificial intelligence is coming to a shopping mall near you soon.

Before long, this article in The Globe and Mail claims, the rich data that has been mined about you online – through your Internet habits, your Likes, your social media postings, your numerous online profiles and all that volunteered information – will be shaped into marketing technologies that can promote the things you like and even predict what you are in the mood for when you shop.

You won’t ever have to think about what you want. The technology will be doing that. You won’t have to carry the item. It will be delivered. You won’t actually ever have to go the mall. There will be virtual malls online.

Humans as portrayed in the film Wall-eYou will be able to just sit back in your comfy chair and watch your bones gradually liquify until you resemble the humans portayed in the kids’ film Wall-e.

Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning but if I see one more bright-eyed comment about all the amazing things coming our way in technology I am going to throw my mobile device at ….some pillows!