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Typography abounds at Copeland

27 Jul

LostType.com is a collective comprised of graphic designers and typographers. It’s an online type foundry, but it’s a little different; here’s why:

Toronto’s Tyler Galpin and Seattle’s Riley Cran created LostType.com during what they describe as a “whirlwind 24-hour adventure to distribute a single typeface”. Since then LostType has become a widely used foundry where guest typographers contribute their craft in the form of downloadable typefaces.

Followers of the site have full choice of an ever growing quiver of up to 20 different fonts. Each typeface is built with its designer’s own inspirations in mind. Many reflect historical and geographical traits, and the majority of fonts were designed specifically for losttype.com

Each font is available for download through the site. Based on an honour system, followers are encouraged to contribute any dollar amount they feel necessary. And yes, although you can choose to put in $0 if you would like a free download, all of the proceeds from sales go directly to each font’s designer.

Graphic design intern Danny Prew has chosen a few of his favourite LostType fonts and put them to use in this illustration of Copeland’s new location at 2101 Government St. opening August 22, 2011.

Copeland’s new office

Typeface: Governor

Typefaces: Wisdom Script & Mensch Bold Inline

Typeface: Pompadour

Typeface: Deming EP