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5 – er, make that 4 – essential ways to increase your blog’s popularity

25 Oct

Zombie hand with four fingers

There are about a billion posts out there giving blogging tips, so why bother reading this one?

The zombie hand of course. Beyond that, we’ve written nearly 700 posts in 3 years and have seen our blog not only bring us major new business, but been nominated for a West Coast Social Media Award and been runner-up in the US-based Fuel Lines Blog of the Year poll.

That’s our credentials anyway. Now onto your blog and how to boost readership. Here are 4 keys to building on your own successes.

1. Focus on your audience. Once you’ve defined to whom you are writing and have that fixed as a mental image in your mind, it’s simply of matter of speaking to them through your content and language. For example, when writing a post for potential new businesses, never make the assumption that they have the same level of experience in the bowels of your industry. Don’t just write about what’s important to you; write about what matters to them. “You” is still the most powerful word in sales.

2. Write about the stuff you’re crazy about. If you’re into wombats or zombies, find a relevant way to introduce this area of interest into your content. You personalize your posts when you do this, bringing your personality to the writing, which distinguishes your blog.

More importantly, you engage yourself, which becomes more important the more of the damn things you write! I might suggest to someone at Copeland that they write about the value of brainstorming, but I shouldn’t expect too many woohoos in response. But if I suggest they write about the value of brainstorming to survive a zombie apocalypse, different story.

3. Communicate the complex simply. Everything seems complicated at the moment. Technology that seems straightforward to you may baffle your readers. You need to distill the complexity, not just in terms of the language you use, but in the visual look of your post. If you can achieve that, you will have communicated that you are straightforward and easy to deal with as well.

This is where editing is key. Write your post. Let it sit for a few hours. Then revisit it with the intention of shortening it by 25%. Reduce the length of the longer paragraphs and eliminate the waffle. You get to the nub much faster this way, which respects your readers’ appetite for simplicity and recognizes that there are many other things they could be doing at that moment.

4. Make the posts looks tasty. Readers often decide in a glance whether they want to get stuck into your post or not. So make it visually appetizing. I advocate the use of exceptional photos or illustrations to give it some pop. A visual also can set a tone or create a personality for the post out of the gate.

Short paragraphs give people a chance to visually breathe during the read, especially important when they are skimming over a longer post. It’s as if they are crossing a pond on stones, and each stone (or paragraph break) is a place to regroup. You don’t want to have the stones too far apart.

There are certainly many more tips than these, but I’m out of fingers.


Who really deserves to win the West Coast Social Media Awards?

17 May

I spent some time this morning going over the nominees. (I had time – it was 4 a.m.)

I’ve come to the conclusion that we are not the best nominee in 2 of the 3 categories we find ourselves contesting.

Best Social Media Campaign

Our Zombie Internship Contest was fun and worked for us on many levels, but it didn’t pack the wallop of Think! Social Media’s Superbowl campaign. They had huge numbers and press to match. Nor did it raise the social goodwill that the Mary Lake Conversancy effort did. That’s saving a lake. What did we do? Encourage cannibalism.

Best Social Media Customer Service Award

I still don’t know who nominated us in this category or why, but Asmaa and I really do appreciate it. Still there is no question in my mind that Rod Phillips of Liquor Plus deserves this award. He has been a veritable pioneer in the use of social media for business, creating countless interesting and engaging ways of building his business and providing value back to his customers. I think he should be recognized for that.

Best Blog

Ok, I think we have the best blog on the list. 25 posts a month, a variety of contributors, topics ranging from  advertising, social media and local students to zombies, pranks and poop. Congrats to the other nominees for your terrific content. I have subscribed to a few of them.

These are just my opinions, and my teammates at Copeland may well want to kill me for expressing them.

And then eat me, in true Copeland style.

Copeland up for 3 social media awards

16 May

The nominations closed on Friday for the first ever West Coast Social Media Awards. Copeland is now in the running for three of the magnificent beasts.

  • Best Social Media Campaign (for our Zombie Internship Contest)
  • Best Blog (the thing you’re reading)
  • Best Use of Social Media for Customer Service (I have to admit I don’t know what this one is for!)

Unfortunately we did not get nominated for Best Social Brain Fart, surely an oversight!

A public vote has now begun to determine who will be on the short-list. That list will be judged next week with the winners announced during Social Media Camp on June 3.

If you think we’re worthy of these awards, please vote here.

As I understand it, you can vote once a day, every day, until end of day May 23. We absolutely won’t be pestering you daily for votes, we promise.

You can’t have a successful contest or blog without public support. Every read, comment, tweet, share and like has helped us get these nominations.

So thank you very much.

Canada’s social media town takes it up a notch

4 May

No surprise if you’re from Victoria to hear that the provincial capital is nutso for social media.

Now, the organizers of Social Media Camp, Chris Burdge and Paul Holmes, have introduced regional awards into the mix.

The first-ever West Coast Social Media Awards are now open for nominations. There are 4 serious categories, and 3 that are more about laughs and twugs than plaudits.

Anyone in Western Canada can nominate and be eligible. So please go to the link here and nominate worthy candidates for the serious:

>> Best Social Media Customer Service Award

>> Most Inspiring Social Media User

>> Social Media Campaign of the Year

>> Best Blog

And the not so much:

>> Funniest Profile Picture

>> Funniest Tweet

>> Most Likely to become a Social Media Celeb

The judging takes place at the end of May and the awards will be handed out during the Social Media Camp networking dinner reception on June 3rd.

Share it, tweet it, post it and plug it!