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The Copeland Collective launches in Victoria

12 Mar
The Copeland Collective from Victoria BC

(L>R front) Asmaa Methqal, Kristin Grant (back) Jodie Carlisle, Doug Brown, Derek Ford, Michael Tension, Bryan Dwyer, Dave Wallace, Kris Hageland, Andrea Merson, Danny Prew, Matt Andres, Brandon Wells

When advertising people look at potential solutions to marketing challenges, we do so through the lenses of our trade: corporate strategic planning, research and data analysis, branding, marketing strategies, ads, promotions, contests, social media…you get the idea.

But bring an interior designer or a videographer or a multi-media artist into the brainstorming fray and you see the opportunities through remarkably different eyes.

That’s the idea behind The Copeland Collective, a brand new creative community of some of the most talented artists and professionals the city of Victoria has to offer.

Logo for The Copeland Collective in Victoria, BC

The Copeland Collective is a creative problem-solving machine, designed to revolutionize the way we look at how brands and customers interact, and move away from traditional advertising solves.

In addition to Copeland staff, the Collective includes:

But this is more than just a powerhouse group of creative minds: these are connectors and entrepreneurs with their own communities, and they’re wired into the city,  into culture and into the vibe on the street.

With these amazing talents taking our analytical and creative skills to a new level, we think we can do anything the other major Canadian urban centres can – and do it better.

We’ve got projects already in the works and you’ll be hearing a lot more about The Copeland Collective and the players within it as we roll ahead. Stay tuned!

(Photo by Derek Ford, logo by Michael Tension)


How to make a video go viral

30 Aug

You can’t “make” your video go viral.  Everyone knows that.

You certainly can’t promise it if you’re a videographer. All you can do is make an interesting film and hope like hell it will take off, right?

Not according to Dave Wallace.

This Victoria-based videographer  just intentionally created virality (that’s my word) for online photo printer Clickpixx.

His strategy was to create two videos simultaneously. The first uses stop motion photography to seduce the eye.

The second is a making-of-the-video video that tells the story.

Dave reasoned that a pair of vids would have a far greater chance of being picked up on the big technology blogs – which was the key demographic.

The main video was released two weeks ago and was quickly featured on sites likes Gizmodo, Fstoppers, PetaPixel and Devour. Within a few days he had a break-out viral video on his – and Clickpixx’s – hands. Nearly 75,000 viewers saw the video in its first week.

Ok this is not Rebecca Black territory, but for a small Boston-based photo print start-up, it was the kick they needed.

Amazing what a strategy, an understanding of the audience, some smart tactics and a stellar product can achieve.

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